Birth & Postpartum Doulas

COVID-19 NOTICE: Winnipeg hospitals currently have a 1-support person rule during labour. As this may subject to change based on pandemic regulations, check with your care provider or Shared Health for the most up to date information.

Doulas can be a great resource to help your family navigate you through the on-going pandemic-related changes. They can provide support families through pregnancy, birth and beyond by offering alternative types of care during the pandemic, such as virtual support, or supporting families during pregnancy and postpartum plus remotely during birth.

Winnipeg has many different types of doulas include: Birth Doulas, Anenatal Doulas, Perinatal Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Fertility Doulas, etc. All doulas have different training, specializations, experience, skills, pricing structures / service inclusions, and even beliefs about pregnancy, birth and baby care.

The Following Businesses Offer Anenatal, Birth, Perinatal, and/or Postpartum Doula Services in Winnipeg.  

  • Bean Family Wellness 
    • Ilissa Mistry, B.H.Ecol. (FSS), CBS, has been working with families as a doula in Manitoba for the past 10 years. She currently offers Perinatal Doula Services. This includes support for parents during pregnancy, early labour, and postpartum (the 1st 6-weeks after birth). You and your partner receive scheduled meetings with your doula before and after birth, plus 24/7 on-call support via text/email/telephone. You also receive additional savings off other services such as Prenatal Classes, Specialty Classes, and Breastfeeding Support Services through Bean Family Wellness.