Prenatal Classes

Note: Prenatal Classes in Winnipeg are offered in different formats and with different topics depending on the class and class provider.  In Manitoba, classes are offered by private businesses and vary in cost. This list is not necessarily comprehensive and it is listed in alphabetical order.

Bean Family Wellness offers Prenatal Childbirth Classes (Group or Private Classes), Birthing Again Refresher Classes, and Specialty Classes such as Newborn & Baby Care 101, Breastfeeding 101, Postpartum Planning Workshops, & more!

Bean provides comprehensive interactive classes that empower & educate families, while helping them prepare for a positive birth and postpartum experience.

Birth Roots offers Group and Private Prenatal and Specialty Classes either live virtual or in-person.

Foundations Birth Services offers the following Prenatal Classes: Childbirth Preparation, and ‘In Tune’, as well as a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class.

Gaia Mama Wellness offers self-paced (pre-recorded training) labour classes via the Teachable Online Learning platform. Curriculum preview available on their website.

Healthy Start for Mom and Me runs a free weekly drop-in group in different areas of Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba. Parents can learn about healthy pregnancy, nutrition, and get in contact with community supports.

Manitoba Association for Childbirth and Family Education offers group classes via Zoom and private Childbirth Preparation Classes.

Nest offers the prenatal, breastfeeding, and other specialty classes in a live-streamed format (online).

A Prairie Doula offers Instinctual Birthing, Spinning Babies, and Hypnobirthing prenatal classes.

Youville Centre offers a class for teens and young mothers (24 years or younger).

Specialty Topics
(Classes or Workshops on Pregnancy, Birth, or Postpartum Related Topics):

  • Baby Sleep 101 – “Baby Sleep 101 offers prenatal lessons for parents who want to avoid common sleep pitfalls by getting a jump start on creating healthy sleep habits in the early months of their baby’s life.”
  • Bean Family Wellness offers specialty classes both as group classes and/or private in-home classes. Options include:
    • Birthing Again Prenatal Childbirth Classes are available as a private class for families welcoming a second, third, fourth baby and beyond! Refresh your skills and learn about family and sibling adjustment.
    • Prenatal Childbirth Classes (C-Section Specific) are available as a private class for families who are having a scheduled c-section. Know what to expect in pregnancy, your ‘belly birth’, postpartum recovery, baby feeding, and baby care.
    • Newborn & Baby Care 101 Classes are a great opportunity to expand on the knowledge that you gained in your prenatal class or for parents who are welcoming a baby through adoption or surrogacy. More in-depth knowledge on what you can expect and how to ease into life with baby.
    • Breastfeeding 101 Classes expand on the knowledge that you learned in your prenatal class. This class goes beyond the basics of how to ensure the best start breastfeeding your baby. This class will leave you confident about how to breastfeed your baby, how to know when things are going well / when you need more help, how to help with common challenges, what do when your baby starts solids, and beyond, plus tips on topics like pumping, bottle feeding and more!
    • Birth Wishes / Birth Plan Workshops for families who would like to learn how to create a Birth Wishes Document / ‘Birth Plan’. Become inspired for your birth!  Private In-home Workshop for couples or single mothers, led by an experienced birth doula. (Length: 90-minutes).
  • Birth Roots offers Sibling Prep Classes and a Grandparents Class.
  • Foundations Birth Services offers a Bringing Baby Home and Breastfeeding Basics Class.
  • The Winnipeg Humane Society offers a “Dogs & Storks” and a “Dogs and Toddlers” workshop. “Dogs & StorksTM offers positive, practical, and fun solutions for new parents and expecting families. They also offer a Dogs & Toddlers course. Note: This session has not been offered during the pandemic; contact the Humane Society directly for details / course availability. Visit the Dogs & Storks Blog for lots of great information: