Study Recruitment: Perinatal Experiences Study

The Perinatal Experiences Study by Dr. Kristin Reynolds and Dr. Natalie Mota, researchers and clinical psychologists at the U of M, is currently recruiting participants.

There is a lack of research that has explored the impact of traumatic experiences and posttraumatic stress symptoms on women who are pregnant and postpartum. There is a corresponding gap in resources (either information or supports) for perinatal women who have undergone traumatic events and have posttraumatic stress symptoms impacting their experiences with routine prenatal medical appointments, labour and delivery, and/or psychological wellness during these periods.

The aim of this study is to better-understand the experiences and post-traumatic stress symptoms of perinatal women, such that we can look to develop resources and supports in subsequent work.

What is involved? Participation involves participating in a 60 minute virtual interview + a brief background questionnaire which takes about 10 minutes. As a thank you for participating, you will receive a $10 gift card.

This study is seeking to recruit women who meet the following criteria, to participate in an individual interview (virtual or telephone).

·       Ages 18 and older

·       Within the perinatal period (pregnant through to the first 12 months postpartum)

·       Have reported a history of one or more traumatic experiences in the past that is interpersonal in nature (intimate partner violence, sexual assault) OR a traumatic experience relating to their pregnancy, labour and delivery or postpartum experience.

Interested in participating? Would you like to learn more about the research study? Contact, Essence Perera (Research Assistant), at the following email address: