Family Fun Day at Blooms Eco-Family Centre

I got a note from Jessika Kabayiza, owner of Bonjour Bébé, about a family fun day being put on by Blooms Eco-Family Centre!

Saturday, February 7
Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Blooms Eco-Family Centre

This free fun-filled interactive family day features many Valentine activities for children plus parents get pampered while you meet a wonderful assortment of local businesses. Onsite demonstrations going on throughout the day include:
~ Bonjour Bébé Prepare for Baby
~ Kindermusik Jam Session
~ Discovery Toys Power of Play
~ Childwearing techniques
~ Cloth Diapers 101
~ Health Essentials for Families

Guests will also have a chance to win fabulous prizes from the raffle and get your Swag Bag full of goodies plus refreshments while they last. Keep your little one entertained at The Discovery Toys Play Centre, join in a jam sessiona with Kindermusik and chat with parent educators.

To ensure families receive a Swag Bag and refreshments, please fill out the Free Family Registry:

Vendor Application:

Upcoming Event: Free Talk on Fatigue, Perinatal care and Nutrition in Pregnancy

Just saw this item on the Birth Roots website. Looks interesting!

“Dr. Erin Wiebe, ND will be offering a presentation on Fatigue, Perinatal care and Nutrition in Pregnancy for Birth Roots! She will outline how a Naturopathic Doctor can compliment your perinatal care team and provide a discussion on basic nutrition in pregnancy. Additionally, she will give some great tips on staying fit and energized during this exciting time.

When: February 22, 2015 at 2pm
Where: Birth Roots St Vital”

Visit the Birth Roots site to register.

Oswald’s Awesome Campaign Promises

Happy New Year!

2015 kicked off on a great note with Theresa Oswald’s timely campaign promises. The NDP leadership candidate promised she would ensure funding for 20 more midwives and set up a breast milk bank in Manitoba if she wins the leadership vote and becomes premier of Manitoba in March.

See “Oswald seeks the mommy vote” in the Free Press. (Ugh — I can’t stand the use of  “mommy” to mean “mother”  – it’s ridiculous and infantilizing.  What would be wrong with “Oswald seeks the family vote”??)

Kudos to Theresa Oswald for her vision and commitment to improving maternal health care. She may not win (or be in power long enough to put these plans into action), but I hope whoever winds up in power gives serious consideration to these priorities.