Local Charity ‘You Can’t Spoil a Baby’ Evolves

You Can’t Spoil a Baby is an awesome local charity that helps families living in poverty or having trouble making ends meet get the baby clothes and items they need.

The group recently underwent a big transformation:

“We are now happy to introduce ‘The Rebirth’ of You Can’t Spoil A Baby.  Instead of our volunteers collecting, sorting, organizing, washing, and delivering gift bags of primarily baby clothes to families in need, we will now coordinate the matching of families in need to families with baby items to give. The donor family gets the joy of creating a custom gift based on the expectant family’s needs, along with the pleasure of meeting the family they are helping. The family in need receives a customized gift of baby clothes and items and also gets to meet the family who cares about them and their child/ren.”

Learn more about how to become a donor family or how to apply for a gift of baby clothes at the You Can’t Spoil a Baby website. Kudos to Pamela Delisle and her marvelous organization for doing such great work in Manitoba!

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