Postnatal Classes & Coaching

Parenting requires a whole new set of skills — it’s always a good idea to seek extra help when you need it, and gain the knowledge you need for your journey.

General Postpartum, Parent, & Baby Classes

  • Bean Family Wellness offers specialty classes including a Newborn & Baby Care 101 Class, as well as a Breastfeeding 101 Class.
    • Need help learning how to take care of your new baby, or troubleshooting challenges with hands on support? Newborn SOS Service In-home Support offers exactly that! Available in-person. Schedule online. 
  • Bean Family Wellness offers an Introduction to Postpartum Planning Workshop.  Planning for Postpartum is essential for all families to improve your postpartum experience and decrease conflict. The goal of this course is to open communication and start to plan for the postpartum period with your partner. Guided by a trained Family Mediator.  Need more help with a detailed plan and a mediator to help navigate potentially difficult conversations with your partner, family members, or friends?
    • Bean Family Wellness offers a Postpartum Planning Series for Couples including a Private 1:1 Intro Workshop + additional 1-hr meetings with couples prior to birth + 1 meeting after you’ve welcomed your baby.  This series includes homework activities in-between to help you prepare for life with a new baby. 
    • SAVE 15% off all services with Bean Family Wellness until December 3, 2022 at 11:59pm CST. Code: CYBERMONDAY22
  • Birth Roots Doula Collective offers the following classes:  newborn, sibling, grandparent, breastfeeding, and postpartum class.
  • Little Signing Stars offers sign language (ASL) courses for babies and toddlers.
  • The Women’s Health Clinic Mothers Program runs a free workshop series called Coping with Change. “Coping with Change can help you understand the everyday changes that happen when a baby enters your life.” Call the Mothers Program assistant at 204-947-2422, ext. 113 for upcoming dates/times and to register.
  • Pluri-elles offers lots of free programming for parents in French, such as IAIM baby massage program, Triple P, parenting support groups.

Career-specific Services

  • Shift Career Coaching: Meg Valdmanis-Miller is an experienced Career Practitioner and Mom with a heart for helping women navigate their careers through motherhood. Services: Online resources, Online career course, the Motherhood Advantage Program, and one-on-one career coaching with Meg to help you transition your career through pregnancy or new motherhood.

Sleep Consultants

  • Baby Sleep 101 – Joleen Dilk Salyn is Manitoba’s only Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant from the Family Sleep Institute and helps parents with children ages 0-5 years of age. She offers a free, live sleep Q&A session every Wednesday on facebook, and provides “qualified, educated help for parents who are struggling with their child’s sleep issues. We create easy to follow plans that help get your child’s sleep back on track, while respecting your parenting philosophies and your child’s personality.”
  • Cheeky Chops offers sleep and parenting coaching.
  • Time for Bed Sleep Solutions: Meaghan Lussier is a Certified Sleep SenseTM Consultant who is “dedicated to helping parents learn the skills to teach their children to become independent, healthy sleepers.”
  • WeeSleep: Karina Tummillo is a Professional Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant in Winnipeg. “I offer personalized one-on-one support, a custom sleep plan and guidance to parents whose babies and toddlers are not able to sleep through the night. I guide parents to teach their children how to sleep independently. The WeeSleep approach makes it easy for every family, and various lifestyles to make sleep a priority in a very gently and loving way.” Consults available in-home or virtually by Skype or FaceTime. Find Karina on Facebook too.