Breastfeeding Support

To a mother who’s struggling with nursing, support (or lack thereof) can quickly make or break her breastfeeding relationship. And even if nursing is going really well, it’s nice to meet other breastfeeding mothers. In Winnipeg, we are really lucky that the Health Authority runs breastfeeding support programs throughout the city and throughout the week! Read on for these and other options for individual and group breastfeeding support, including private lactation consultants.

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Drop-in Breastfeeding Support Groups
These are free, casual drop-in groups for mothers who are expecting or nursing. (And in my experience, even women who started coming for support but for whatever reason are no longer nursing are welcomed, too.) I, myself have been to groups at two different locations and both were staffed by kind, helpful women who genuinely seem to love what they do. Led by a facilitator, the group usually goes around the circle introducing themselves and their babies or toddlers, and sharing any challenges or experiences, and then others share ideas or their own experiences in response. A nice way to meet other mothers who share the breastfeeding experience, talk to professionals who can answer  questions you may have, and weigh your baby.

Individual Breastfeeding Consultations
Mostly in conjunction with the above support groups, you can schedule a free consultation with a breastfeeding counselor or lactation consultant.

Breastfeeding Hotline
The WRHA also runs a 24/7 breastfeeding hotline. Call 204-788-8667.

Private Lactation Consultants
Lynette Beard Breastfeeding Support Service: Lynette is a registered nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who helps women in Winnipeg and southeast Manitoba through in-home visits and breastfeeding classes. Find out more about her services at her Facebook page: @lynettebeardbreastfeeding

Lynette also runs a breastfeeding support group in Landmark, Manitoba.

Winnipeg La Leche League
“LLL Canada encourages, promotes and provides mother-to-mother breastfeeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society.”

There are three groups operating in the city, and their meetings are open to all interested women (expecting/moms, sisters, grandmas, girlfriends, etc.) Babies and younger children are always welcome. Check out the groups to find one near you.

Breastfeeding Support at The Nest Family Centre

  • Breastfeeding Drop-in Assistance and Support: “A weekly 2 hour long drop-in where moms and their infants can come and learn from registered nurses who are trained in breastfeeding support. The nurses are highly trained and hugely passionate about breastfeeding! You will be able to drop-in without an appointment to get assistance with your individual feeding issues, or simply drop-in to get help with making the breastfeeding experience a more enjoyable one for both you and baby!”  There is a $10 drop-in fee  or useable with The Nest’s Class Passes.
  • Breastfeeding Support Group: “This support group will be a way for moms to come and talk with others in similar situations and gain a feeling of community strength. We have a scale for optional weigh-ins of your baby, and a registered nurse to answer questions as needed, but the focus is on talking (and venting!) about your experiences.” The group runs every Wednesday from 1-2 and is free to attend.
  • Private Breastfeeding Support: “Hillery is trained in breastfeeding support and assists mothers and infants in learning in the hospital and community setting. She is hugely passionate about breastfeeding for the amazing health benefits and emotional benefits it promotes, but knows how complicated the experience can sometimes be. She would love to make the breastfeeding experience as relaxing and healthy as possible for you and baby. Hillery knows how support is essential to breastfeeding success. She will support you in any way possible to try to make breastfeeding as magical as it can be. Please bring your baby to the appointment so that we can all work together. Partners also welcome in our private room where everyone can benefit from the calming atmosphere. Fee for one hour private appointment: $50”

More Milk Support Group“More Milk: Before Birth & Early Postpartum Preparation Support Group is a special support group offered for mothers who are dealing with low milk supply or who have previously dealt with low milk supply, to help them prepare for and cope with their breastfeeding realities for future babies. The purpose of this group is to help mother’s learn from other mothers, as well as have a positive breastfeeding experience regardless of whether they have a full milk supply or a low milk supply.

This group is currently available as an online forum on Facebook.  A local Winnipeg group is in the planning stages and will be starting in the next couple of months. ”

Nourri-Source: a French-language support system for breastfeeding mothers, offered by Pluri-elles in Winnipeg.  To get connected to Nourri-Source, call 204-233-1735 or visit, or find Pluri-elles on Facebook.

QuickCare Clinics
“These clinics are designed to meet the unexpected healthcare needs of you and your family during times when most other clinics are closed. The clinics are typically open during weekdays as well as evenings and weekends.” The website notes that these clinics’ nurses and nurse practitioners can help with breastfeeding issues.