Postpartum Care Essentials

Herbs for Pregnancy / Prenatal Use / Recovery
Note: Always talk to your care provider before using herbal supplements. Herbs may be natural but can have powerful affects and may not be suitable for all people. 

  • Witch hazel is available at pharmacies and health food stores
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea is available at Bulk Barn and many health food stores. Prenatal or Postpartum Herb.
  • Comfrey, calendula, arnica & other herbsHollow Reed Holistic. Hollow Reed also sells a lovely sitz bath herb mix that can be used for perineal care after birth, in a bath or in a squeeze “peri-care” bottle.

Other After Birth Essentials

  • After a vaginal birth, your nurse or midwife will give you a special squeeze bottle (called a peri-care bottle, lavette bottle, or peri-bottle) to use to rinse when you go to the bathroom. Take it with you when you go home! You can get extras from homecare or medical supply stores. Sitz Bath Herb Mix may also be used in a peri-bottle.

Local Businesses

  • Birth of a Mother is a local online store that offers birth, postpartum and herbal care products to help support new mothers. Delivery is offered in Winnipeg. Birth of a Mother donates a portion of all sales towards providing Safe Birth Kits to women in developing countries.