Breast Pump Rentals & Galactagogues

Did you know that some private insurance providers offer coverage for a hospital grade breast pump rental, or the purchase a breast pump? Ask your private insurance provider to find out if you may be covered!

Breast Pump Rentals
You can rent hospital-grade breast pumps from many business and pharmacies in Winnipeg. Call ahead to check prices and availability. You will need to purchase a “collection kit” when you rent the pump – a package that contains the parts of the pump that will come into contact with your milk. The Collection Kit is yours to keep once you purchase it. The Ameda brand collection kit can be used with the Ameda Purely Yours Consumer-Grade Pump afterwards, or it can be converted to a hand pump for pumping on the go (with the Ameda Manual One-Hand Assembly, sold by Bean Family Wellness).

This list from Youville Centre is a good start, though it’s a few years old and some of the places listed no longer exist or offer rentals.

Bean Family Wellness offers the Ameda Platinum Hospital-grade Rental with free delivery and pick-up within Winnipeg and select areas of Rural Manitoba. They also sell nursing teas, and pumping accessories (pumping bras, etc.).

Meyer’s Drugs offers the Medela Symphony breast pump rental. The service is great they also stock a large selection of pump parts for both Medela and Ameda brand pumps.  As well as speciality items (e.g. Medela Brand SNS Systems – Supplementary Nursing Systems)


Sometimes we nursing mamas need a little help boosting our milk supply. Substances that aid in lactation are called galactagogues, and your public health nurse, midwife or doctor may recommend them to you. Here are some common ones and where to get them.

  • Fenugreek & blessed thistle capsules are generally available at all health food stores (Vita Health, Sunrise, Sangsters, etc). I have also seen them at Bulk Barn (in their vitamins/supplements section) and in the natural sections of larger Superstores (the best prices I have seen are at Superstore). You can also buy the dried herbs in bulk from Hollow Reed Holistic.
  • Earth Mama brand Milkmaid tea is available at Vita Health and other health food stores.
  • Bean Family Wellness sells nursing teas and some other herbal products to increase milk supply.