Birth & Postpartum Supplies

When preparing for birth there are a few things you may wish to have on hand. Here are some Winnipeg businesses you can check out for birth supplies.

  • Birth pool rentals are available from:
  • Birth stool rentals (Kaya birth stool) are also available from Birth Roots.
  • Elle TENS Machine (specifically designed for childbirth and beyond) from Bean Family Wellness.
  • Witch hazel is available at pharmacies and health food stores
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea is available at Bulk Barn and many health food stores.
  • Comfrey, calendula, arnica & other herbsHollow Reed Holistic. Hollow Reed also sells a lovely sitz bath herb mix that can be used for perineal care after birth, in a bath or in a squeeze “peri-care” bottle.
  • After a vaginal birth, your nurse or midwife will give you a special squeeze bottle (called a peri-care bottle, lavette bottle, or peri-bottle) to use to rinse when you go to the bathroom. Take it with you when you go home! You can get extras from homecare or medical supply stores.

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