About Me

Welcome to Pregnancy Winnipeg! Here’s a little about me and why I started this website.

My name is Emma and I’m a mum to three young children. A few years ago, my world did a complete 180. Pregnancy, birth, and caring for a new baby were utterly transforming for me. I know that sounds cliched, but it’s true. There’s really nothing that can prepare you for what it will be like! During my second pregnancy and postpartum, things were a lot better. I had midwifery care and was much more proactive about taking care of my emotional needs during the pregnancy and after my baby arrived. Also, as a second-time mama, I had a lot more first-hand knowledge to draw from.

But throughout these experiences, and still today, I am frustrated at the mixed messages that women are sent about becoming mothers. As a society, we idolize pregnant celebrities and are obsessed with babies – with designing nurseries, buying cute clothes, sending perfect, adorable birth announcements… the list goes on. These things are all fun, in the same way that planning for a wedding is fun. Lots of women experience “wedding withdrawal” – when the honeymoon’s over, they wonder what to do with their time! (Not to mention that the real work of a marriage comes after the big day.)

But unlike wedding withdrawal, once the birth is over, the work continues for parents, and it’s actually really hard work. We hear constantly that parenting is the most important job in the world, but society doesn’t really walk the talk on that one. There are tons of myths, taboos, and hard truths that parents have to deal with, and usually with little notice and not a lot of support from others. I feel that the overarching “let’s do what’s best for the baby” philosophy that is so rampant in our culture is extremely unhelpful and unfair for parents, whose own needs must be met in order to properly care for anyone else. There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “when mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy”. Happy, healthy babies need happy, healthy mamas.

Over the years, I’ve come to believe that what parents, and mothers especially, need more than anything else, is information and community. Sure, knowing where to get a deal on maternity clothing is handy (and part of the fun of being pregnant), but what about the really important stuff, like who offers prenatal classes, who to call for help when you’re struggling with adapting to life with a baby, and where you can get prenatal massage to keep your body up and running?

Since becoming pregnant with my first child, I’ve had a whole range of experiences with pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, but through knowledge and learning I now feel so much more empowered to make the best decisions I can for myself and my family. Prior to becoming a mother, my career was in libraries; I’m kind of an info junkie! So, this site allows me to collect, organize, and share as much information as possible about the services available to Winnipeg mothers during their pregnancy and early motherhood.

Here, I share news and things I find interesting via the blog, and have assembled lists of various types of resources (services, classes, and yes, some retail). I’m a big proponent of reducing interventions and restoring normalcy to childbirth, and I make some “natural parenting” choices, and you will see that come through in the things that I chose to write about. But most importantly, I’m ultimately in favour of women and families being empowered to make the right choices for their families, whatever those choices may be!

Happy reading, and best wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy and beyond!

~Emma Durand-Wood