Give blood for moms this month!

Before I entered my childbearing years, I was happy to give blood on a semi-regular basis – I figure those who can, should! Let’s face it, giving blood isn’t really a walk in the park, ┬ábut it sure feels good to know that it can save someone’s life. (And the cookies you get afterwards are a sweet bonus!) When I am done having kids, I know that giving blood will be a priority for me again… for now my body has a hard time with having enough iron, so I’ve made a personal choice to put blood donation on hold during this season of life.

I was amazed to learn that every week in Manitoba, Canadian Blood Services must collect just over 1,000 units of blood to keep up with local patient demand. It is an unfortunate fact that some of those units will be used to help mothers who have complications during labor.

For the rest of May, Canadian Blood Services is encouraging you to take an hour out of your day and donate blood. Bring a friend or a family member and donate on behalf of all mothers who are now able to hold their baby because someone decided to GIVE LIFE.

Go to to book your appointment at 777 William Ave, today.

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