New breastfeeding support group for Landmark moms

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Lynette Beard, a nurse and lactation consultant (IBCLC) who has recently launched a private lactation consultant business serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas. You can get more details on her business on her website or Facebook page, and I have also added it to this site’s breastfeeding support/resources page. I am just thrilled to see someone offering lactation consultant services that can be accessed from the client’s own home.

Kudos to Lynette – this is a much needed service here in Winnipeg. We have amazing, free resources through our WRHA breastfeeding clinics, but sometimes they aren’t the right fit or are hard to get to. Having someone who can come to your house and spend a larger chunk of time with you is invaluable.

In addition to her consultant services, Lynette also told me about a breastfeeding support group she runs in Landmark, and I wanted to share details about that here. Learn more about it by joining their Facebook group. Lynette notes that:

“Starting September 30, we will be meeting every other Tuesday evening 7pm-8:30pm. Please see facebook page for address or contact me. A small snack and water is provided. I also have a baby scale to weight babies.¬†You can bring your breastfeeding baby, but it’s not required. Lots of moms leave their children at home since it is close to bedtime. Pregnant ladies are welcome as well!”

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