Maternal Health Highlights from the Throne Speech

Great news: Monday’s Speech from the Throne contained a number of commitments related to women’s and maternal health, including the following:

“We will support the expansion of the Womenʼs Health Clinic and its important programming in reproductive health.

We will make sure more families have access to midwives and postpartum supports, and we will expand the successful Fertility Treatment Tax Credit to provide more support to would-be parents.

We will create a new breast milk donation centre and complete the rollout of digital mammography throughout the province. “

The speech also mentions improving access to childcare:

“We are announcing an ambitious goal: we will create a universally accessible child care system with 12,000 additional spaces for families, and expand Manitobaʼs workforce of early childhood educators with our partners, such as Red River College and Université de Saint-Boniface.”

These are all incredibly important things to women and families, and I hope the government is able to follow through on all of these commitments.

(via Women’s Health Clinic Globe & Female newsletter)