“You Can’t Spoil a Baby” in the News

Have you heard of the wonderful organization called You Can’t Spoil a Baby? If not, the recent CanStar community paper article by Jennifer McFee is a great intro.

The article, Bundles for Babies, explains how founder Pamela Delisle came to establish this year-round volunteer project, which matches families in financial need with families or groups who provide them with a gift of baby clothes and items.  Says Pamela:

“We pride ourselves in giving gifts, not donations or handouts. The difference to us is that we acknowledge that both the donor family and the family in need benefit from this exchange, as does our project and the greater Manitoba community. The gifts of new or once-loved baby clothes and items are thoughtfully packaged, given with a card and happily delivered by a donor family or group.”

As of January, You Can’t Spoil a Baby has given gifts to 315 Manitoba families…pretty amazing! Very glad to see this organization get some publicity… I’m very excited for the day I can put together one of these special gifts too.

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