A new family centre in Winnipeg!

A new family centre has just opened in St. Boniface!

“Blooms Eco-Family Centre (Blooms Centre) provides family orientated support groups, informative programs, and classes brought to you by local professionals in nutrition, fitness, and health which families continually seek. 

Our experience is extensive, professional and especially adapted to the budget of today’s families interested in preservation and bettering the world for their children.

Bonjour Bébé, who delivers onsite Doula and birth hypnosis support services, birthing supplies and prenatal classes, is located at our store for new and expanding families to book their consultation with a qualified bilingual (English & French) Doula.”

Congratulations, Dueck Baby Blooms and Bonjour Bébé! This is a great resource for local families.

The centre is located in the old Finale’s location at the corner of St. Mary’s and Marion.

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