New Women’s Hospital at HSC to Open Fall 2016

Well, it’s a far cry from the last expected opening date we heard (2015), but it’s nice to have a clearer idea of when the new Women’s Hospital will open at HSC: Fall of 2016.

The new hospital will include spacious, private rooms with large tubs and showers, a more efficient nurse call system, and a drastically better set-up for overnight support people. The NICU will now be located within the hospital – a major improvement, as currently, it is in another building, and it’s quite a hike between the two units – the last thing a recovering mother needs to deal with.

Considering that about half of all births in Winnipeg take place at HSC, this is a very welcome and long overdue project that will benefit many, many women and families. The current space is functional, but barely, and is dingy and downright unpleasant in many areas. The awesome doctors, nurses and staff who work at Women’s also deserve a clean, pleasant and functional workplace.

Check out Larry Kusch’s Freep article for lots more details: Facility at Health Sciences Centre to open in fall 2016; rooms will offer comfort and privacy for patients.

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