Team Up To Help Families in Financial Need

Local organization You Can’t Spoil a Baby has announced a wonderful new expansion to their donor program.

“You Can’t Spoil a Baby is happy to offer a volunteer opportunity for groups who want to collect, decorate and deliver a gift of new or used baby clothing and items to a family in financial need. We have 30 families waiting to receive baby gifts, so if your workplace, parenting group, faith-based organization, friends or neighbors may be interested in joining forces for a great cause, please visit our website for more info. As usual, we still happily accept donation for individual families.”

Previously, the organization matched a donor family with a recipient family to provide them with a gift of clothing and larger baby items. Now groups such as church congregations, workplaces, extended families, etc., can team up to be donors, too.

What a great way to work together to help families in need of a hand during the demanding and intense days of parenting! Find out more about donating here (they’ve really thought of so many helpful things for families!) and about group donors here.

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