Need Prenatal or Postnatal Personal Training?

I recently got an email from Angela Bergmann, a local mom of five and personal trainer who is certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness. Angela’s business, Inside Out Strong, offers personal training, buddy and small group training, and in-home training. Check out her blog and her business on Facebook.

I’ve added her to the Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness sections of this site, but wanted to also share a bit more from Angela on her background and philosophy, in her own words.

A little more from Angela…

“I am first and foremost a mother of five children. Before having children, I was certified in several different areas of fitness (through the Manitoba Fitness Council) but mainly taught AquaFitness at City of Winnipeg pools and at the Downtown and EK YMCA’s.  After giving birth to my third child in 2005, I discovered that exercise was something I needed to prioritize for my mental AND physical well-being. I suffered from undiagnosed Postpartum depression (diagnosed in 2007) as well as chronic back pain.  I began working out consistently in 2005 in order to improve my weak core but had to stop at times to deal with various pregnancy issues with my next two pregnancies. I gave birth to my fifth child in November 2008 and began working out at home after that. I was able to lose my “baby weight”. I worked on my strength once again so I can avoid chronic pain, and I continue to set an example for my children that fitness is important. I am a certified Personal Trainer and I am also certified in the Pre and Post Natal Fitness specialty. I enjoy working out at home with Kettlebells, free weights, body weight, stability balls, bands, and my TRX.  I also work out at the gym but I generally avoid any kinds of machines.

My philosophy with fitness during pregnancy is first and foremost to focus on a healthy pregnancy. That may require stopping nearly all exercise. I am committed to communicating with your Doctor to ensure that I do not put you and your baby at risk. For a normal, healthy pregnancy, I believe exercising at your individual fitness level is beneficial to avoiding as many of the common discomforts of pregnancy as possible. I focus on postural exercises, as well as strengthening movements and relaxation techniques that will prepare you for labour and birth.  My goal is to keep you moving comfortably for the duration of your pregnancy. During the postnatal months, my focus is not on “getting your body back”, although that is entirely possible; just not within the first six months of baby being born. The goal during the postpartum months is once again relieving any discomforts while focusing primarily on postural exercises as well as regaining strength. I have found that short but effective workouts paired with walking and social interaction can help significantly with increasing mental well-being and energy levels. I am also a huge proponent of breastfeeding.”

Team Up To Help Families in Financial Need

Local organization You Can’t Spoil a Baby has announced a wonderful new expansion to their donor program.

“You Can’t Spoil a Baby is happy to offer a volunteer opportunity for groups who want to collect, decorate and deliver a gift of new or used baby clothing and items to a family in financial need. We have 30 families waiting to receive baby gifts, so if your workplace, parenting group, faith-based organization, friends or neighbors may be interested in joining forces for a great cause, please visit our website for more info. As usual, we still happily accept donation for individual families.”

Previously, the organization matched a donor family with a recipient family to provide them with a gift of clothing and larger baby items. Now groups such as church congregations, workplaces, extended families, etc., can team up to be donors, too.

What a great way to work together to help families in need of a hand during the demanding and intense days of parenting! Find out more about donating here (they’ve really thought of so many helpful things for families!) and about group donors here.

Going Back to Work or School After Having a Baby?

The Women’s Health Clinic’s summer sessions & workshops newsletter includes a notice for a neat event coming up next month:

Transition Back to Work or School

Are you a parent of a young child who will soon be returning to work or school? Come to our evening event to get support and information about this life challenge. This workshop is a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and get tips to make those transitions successful for you and your family.

Registration preferred. Drop-ins welcome.

Monday August 18th
6:30pm-8:00pm The Birth Centre
603 St.Mary’s Rd.

For registration and/or questions: 204.947.2422 ext. 113


Glowing: “The show for any person who has ever given birth. Or been born.”

I got an email about this upcoming Fringe play. Looks interesting!

Sometimes comedic inspiration comes from dark places. Vancouver’s Mary-Jo Dionne, former Winnipegger and writer and performer of “Glowing: A Reproduction Production” – part of the 2014 Winnipeg Fringe Festival line-up – experienced her last episode of melanoma during an already-horrific pregnancy, ultimately serving as the subject matter of her hit one-woman show. The 45-minute performance follows a 40-year-old woman, born without a biological clock, who after countless hurdles eventually becomes pregnant – resulting in an experience that is anything but a glowing one. She thinks it can’t get any worse than all-day “morning” sickness, but she’s wrong. At seven-months-pregnant, while other women are deciding on paint colours for the nursery, a cancer diagnosis leaves her deciding whether or not she should go through with a potentially life-saving amputation. All told, this poignant one-woman comedic journey aims to de-bunk the myth that all pregnant women glow.

An award-winning writer and comedian who has performed in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and LA, “Glowing: A Reproduction Production” represents Mary-Jo Dionne’s debut in Winnipeg with the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Tickets:        Tickets can be purchased via
Venue:  The Playhouse Studio, 180 Market Avenue, Winnipeg
Performances:   July 16 (8:15 pm), July 18 (12:00 pm), July 19 (5:30 pm), July 20 (10:30 pm), July 22 (3:45pm), July 24 (7:15 pm), and July 26 (2:00 pm)
Donations:      Audience members are invited to bring a donation of baby food to each performance to be donated to local foodbanks

About Mary-Jo Dionne:
Mary-Jo Dionne is an award-winning writer whose work was called “A masterpiece in urban satire that will have you laughing so hard you’ll glow,” by the Globe and Mail. As a comedian, she has performed in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and LA and was named a finalist for Vancouver’s Funniest New Female Comedian. As a writer, she has interviewed notable greats like Ellen DeGeneres, Cloris Leachman, and Katherine Heigl, among others. She trained at the London Academy of Media, Film and Television in the UK, as well as at the American Comedy Institute in New York City. A three-time survivor, she is an ardent spokesperson in the realm of melanoma awareness.