Support for Pregnant Women in Winnipeg’s Inner City

Be sure to check out Carol Sanders’ recent article on an innovative WRHA program running in the downtown, Point Douglas and Inkster areas of Winnipeg:¬†Partners in the Inner-city Prenatal Care (PIIPC) – aka “Pipsi”.

According to PIIPC, “in a recent two-year period, 103 women showed up at Women’s Hospital to give birth without ever having prenatal care. 63 of them were from the three neighbourhoods.” In response, the PIIPC program helps pregnant women get early and routine prenatal care to reach this goal, provides food, bus, and cab vouchers, childcare, and supportive programming.

Read the article: Help for moms and little ones – WInnipeg Free Press. Kudos to the WRHA, Healthy Baby, and all those who carry out the program!

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