Beyond the Baby Blues – Postpartum Support Group

The Nest Family Centre is offering a 6-week support group series entitled “Beyond the Baby Blues”. According to facilitator┬áCheryl Dizon-Reynante, a licensed mental health therapist with Nexus Counselling, the series

“provides info and group counselling on topics such as Coping with a Newborn, Postpartum Depression, Self-Care, Anger Management for Mothers, Postpartum Grief and Nurturing the Relationship with your Partner. There is also a relaxation/meditation component every session.”

The Nest describes the series:

“Beyond the Baby Blues is a six-week support group for mothers with young children who experience some degree of mood and anxiety difficulties. After having a new baby, it is common to feel overwhelmed, fearful, exhausted, guilty and hopeless. Sharing thoughts and experiences with other mothers who are going through the same thing can be extremely helpful in alleviating some of these feelings. Each session will focus on a particular topic (e.g. identity, self-care) with time for discussion, as well as general information sharing.”

The series is $200 and begins this October. See The Nest’s website for schedule and registration details.


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