Manitoba Midwifery Services Will be Worth the Wait

There was an interesting article recently in the Winnipeg Sun:¬†Birth of robust midwifery stalled despite candidates. It describes the status of the midwifery program at UCN, the MB College of Midwives’ accreditation process, and the difficulties that internationally-trained midwives currently experience while trying to become registered to practice here in Manitoba.

The article says that:

“After several false starts, the College of Midwives is hoping to have a formal process in place by November to begin accepting applications from foreign graduates. Candidates will be assessed and any gaps in their training will be identified. However, the earliest any of the internationally trained midwives would be able to practise is next spring — if not next fall.”

The current midwife shortage is incredibly frustrating and painful for the many, many women who would like to access midwifery care. Let’s hope the next coming months see an efficient and improved accreditation process developed for the many midwives who are just waiting to practice here!

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