MCP To Close Later This Year

I was really disappointed to see in a recent Herald article that Mom’s and Children’s Paradise (MCP), a consignment/second-hand shop that sells clothing and baby/children’s gear, is set to close later this year.

I’ve spent lots of time at MCP since my first pregnancy in 2009, shopping for maternity and then baby and toddler clothing, and recommending it to everyone I know! The prices are so reasonable, most the items you can hardly tell are gently used, and the loyalty program is great. I’ll be really sad to see this store close! They also sell dance gear, and I know the community will miss this offering, too.

I will particularly miss the maternity section at MCP; Once Upon a Child only sells babies’ and kids’ clothing, and I believe the only other shop in town that sells carefully vetted second-hand maternity clothing is Bug n’ Boo, which is on the other end of town from me.

According to the article, “The market is playing a role in the closure of the original store, though, as Holbrook said long-time customers haven’t been in as often, while the current generation of parents are opting to purchase more goods online.” It makes me wonder if people are more frequently buying lots of used clothing and gear from Kijiji and Craigslist, or just opting to buy brand-new items instead?

Maybe someone will step in and buy the business? It remains to be seen, but my fingers are crossed.


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